Benefits of Belonging to the Business Chamber

Many people ask what the benefits of belonging to the local business chamber are.

Well, I have wondered that myself in the past, however this year I noticed a huge change in the people attending and decided to get involved myself. I have belonged to other business chambers and note that some are successful and some aren’t, however, the ones that are, are because the people ho belong to the chamber get involved. They attend meetings, they have input on what they want to see happen in their local community and they give back. They give through time, not just fees.

Did you know that if every member of the chamber gave up just fitteen minutes of their time to talk to another business person they would gain so much knowledge and support that their own business would grow through the increased profile

So why don’t you get involved? Be part of the Business Community of the Shellharbour Business Chamber and get to know your other local business people.

Cathy Wagner 2018